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Is it worth it.
12-03-2017, 09:56
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Is it worth it.
I am retired now and due to my ill health, I find my self doing my ancestry almost 24/7. For a number of years now, I have been a paid up member to Ancestry.UK. My tree is in excess of 6600 which I could keep adding and adding too. It goes back to Adam & Eve, through the Lord of the Isles and is connected to the Royal Line. But my true male blood line stops at 1609. I appear to have hit a dead line there.. So my intention was to stop my membership and let Ancestry lay in the background for awhile and use my time looking else where.Returning to Ancestry later down the line. May be a year or two. Can not see the point in paying for membership when your not using it.
Now, I have bee told that if I do that I will loose all my media in Ancestry as they no long have a ftm.(if thats what they call it) My tree could still be there but not the media. So it was suggested that I buy RootsMagic 7 as they were running along side Ancestry, and I will have a hard drive with my tree on. So when I return to ancestry, I could copy my tree over.
No problem, I THOUGHT.
I went ahead and bought RootsMagic 7, run a GED file and loaded it on to RootsMagic 7.
So far so good.
Now I have found out that GED or no other program will copy my media across. The only way is to manually input it from Ancestry to a file on my computer and then copy it to RootsMagic 7.
So can someone tell me what is the point of having RootsMagic 7, if I have to save them to a file on my computer first, I might as well have saved my money and keep all my media on a file.
You could say I am one greatly ..... of Bunny.
All answers and suggestions will be gratefully welcomed.
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21-04-2017, 04:47
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RE: Is it worth it.
I'm not that familiar with Ancestry as I work with MyHeritage as well as being a recent convert to RM7.

I have my tree on there (around 40,000) and it regularly matches images to common profiles and invites me to add images to my library and as a result, I have over 4000 images attached to my tree (mostly contributed by other MH users) which I can download. I am not suggesting you join MH but it does seem odd to me that Ancestry doesn't have a way for you to build up a library for sharing

Given that the current trend of many of the major genealogy apps ie. RM, Ancestry, FamilySearch, Geni, RM, Legacy, etc is to auto-share data amongst each other I would expect that exchanging images will also be on their future development plans.
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