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RootsMagic Genealogy Software: Family History Made Easy

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RootsMagic Overview

Although RootsMagic is the easiest to use genealogy software available, it is also one of the most powerful. You can click any of the links in this brief overview for a screen shot, or click here to see a list of features for RootsMagic.

The Main Screen

RootsMagic™ has six main views, plus a sidebar for easier navigation. You switch between the views by simply clicking on the tab for the desired view. All views are fully navigatible using either the mouse or arrow keys. Double clicking on a person's name brings up the data entry screen for that person. You can even open multiple databases side by side.

Pedigree View
Family View
Descendants View
People View
Timeline View
WebSearch View

RootsMagic™ To-Go

With RootsMagic™ To-Go you can take your database and RootsMagic™ with you wherever you go. Running RootsMagic™ direct from your memory stick allows you to use RootsMagic™ in places where you may not have been able to before, such as libraries and other computers.

RootsMagic To-Go

Adding and Editing Information

The RootsMagic™ edit screen lets you add an unlimited number of facts for every person (i.e. birth, death, marriage, occupation, religion, description, etc). If you want to add a fact type that isn't in RootsMagic™'s predefined list, you can simply create your own fact types. RootsMagic™ also allows notes and unlimited source citations for every fact.

Every piece of information on a person is available from this one screen: name, parent and spouse info, personal and family facts, DNA test results, alternate names, or LDS information. You can directly access the notes, sources, media, and more for every item.

The Edit Screen

Sources: Documenting your Family History

RootsMagic™ provides a powerful source list which lets you add, edit, delete, and print the sources of your information. Simply add the source once, then when you add a fact to a person and want to document where that information came from, you simply point to the source in the source list. And best of all, the RootsMagic™ SourceWizard will help you write properly formatted sources regardless of your expertise. Quickly and easily create sources, there are nearly 400 types to choose from - you can even create your own source types.


Create Spectacular Charts

RootsMagic™ lets you create beautiful full colour ancestor, descendant, and hourglass wall charts. You have full control over the positioning, size, colours, fonts, and other aspects of every object in the chart. With simple mouse control you can resize an individual's box, or drag it to another location on the canvas without breaking the family links. You can change colours of individual boxes, or change the font or colour of the text in the boxes. You can even customize your chart by adding additional text, pictures, or shapes to the chart, and you can change the background image or colour.

Wall Chart

Publishing your Family History

Publishing your family history has never been easier. The RootsMagic™ Publisher lets you combine multiple reports and charts into a single document, and will automatically create a table of contents and full index for the book. You can include photos, notes, sources and other text in your book. You can even add cover and title pages, copyright page, dedication, and more. Send your book directly to your printer, or save it to a PDF file to burn on to a CD or email to family members.

RootsMagic Publisher

Create Shareable CDs

You've worked hard to collect and organize your family history, and now RootsMagic™ makes it easy to share that history with your family and friends. Your Shareable CD will feature a custom home page with your own title, photo, description, and contact information, and will include a read-only version of RootsMagicâ„¢ to show off your data and multimedia items.

Create Shareable CDs

Mapping your Family Tree

RootsMagic™ lets you view your family on a map. Simply select a family member from the list and RootsMagic™ will display the map (anywhere in the world), with pins where that person's events (birth, marriage, death, burial, etc) occurred. You can also look up counties and states (UK, US, Canada, Australia) to view more information about them, and access an interactive state map showing historical county boundaries.

Mapping your Family Tree

Searching your Database

The RootsMagic™ Explorer is the heart of RootsMagic™'s search system. The Explorer makes it easy to find and edit anyone in your file. Quickly search by surname or given names, or perform sophisticated searches easily. You can easily edit any person in the search list with the click of a single button. You can also use the 'Find Everywhere' feature, which allows you to type any information into a search box and will then search your entire database for any matches (people, families, events, notes, sources, places, to-do items, research logs, media items, and more!)

Searching your Database

Publishing your Family History Online

RootsMagic™ can generate professional looking websites automatically from your data, which can be customised using CSS. The website can be generated in narrative format, pedigree chart format, family group sheet format, or a combination pedigree / family group sheet format. You can also publish your family information to, which creates a dynamic site with pedigree, family and individual views for each person, and can include notes, sources, and media for each person.

Publishing your Family History Online