New Features in RootsMagic 8

Latest Technologies

RootsMagic has been rewritten to work with the latest operating systems and genealogical technologies, including native support for macOS.

Simpler Navigation

Switch between screens without losing your place. The new “Couple” and expandable “Descendants” views give you new insights into your families.

Easier Editing

Have many people’s edit screens open at the same time and use other features while the edit screen is open. All of a person’s information is now accessible from their edit screen. You can even switch to any family member’s edit screen and back instantly.

Better Places and Mapping

The Place List is now reversible and shows you all the events that reference the place. People and events can be quickly edited from the Place List, and the Map View shows you the location of each place and any desired group of people.

Searching at Your Fingertips

Lists of data now have their own search box, allowing you to quickly find matching items. Advanced searching tools have all been grouped together into one easy screen.

Streamlined Tasks

To-do items, correspondence lists and research logs have been brought together into Tasks. They’re easy to attach to people, sources, media and more, whilst being quickly searched and filtered.

Save to Modern Formats

Reports and charts can now be saved in newer, more compatible, file formats including Microsoft Word .docx, Microsoft Excel .xlsx, and .svg.

New Wall charts and Fan charts

Wall charts have been rebuilt from the ground up, giving beautiful new features and colouring as well as one of the most-requested features – fan charts.

Reusable Source Citations

Create a citation once and then attach it to multiple people or events.

Much More

Enhancements to colour coding, groups, media handling, reports, and more!

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There are three different editions of RootsMagic UK. Continue reading to see what those differences are, and work out which one might be the best version for you.