New Features in RootsMagic 9


Lets you track non-relative relationships (friends, neighbors, enslavement, classmates, etc)

HTML website creation

Create beautiful websites in HTML to display on your own website

Enhanced color coding

Up to 10 color code sets - you can now name each color code set and label each color

New Tools page

Includes existing tools and a bunch of new tools all in one place for ease of use

New personal media album

View all the media attached to one person by using the new "Media Album" link on the left of the Edit screen

Saved searches

Save and reuse criteria for advanced searches in your database

Task filters

Save and reuse filters for tasks

Group options

Groups can be freeform or saved criteria - save the criteria for selecting people in a group, also includes a button to refresh the group

Enhanced properties list

Create a list showing properties in your database - this shows more than just the number of people, families, etc. Includes any broken media links, unused places, tasks, and more

New note editor

Much faster, better performing note editor with spell check

Add/Edit/Delete ability on "Used" lists

When working with sources, citations, tasks, addresses, media, etc., if you click the "Used" button to see where the item is used, you can now add, edit, or delete records directly from that "Used" list

RootsMagic Feature List

Main Features

  • Five views to choose from: Pedigree View, Family View, Descendant View, People List View (customisable and filterable), Couple List View
  • Over 100 Printouts – customize and print colourful reports and lists
  • Run RootsMagic directly from a flash drive on Windows, Mac, or both
  • Runs natively on both Windows and Mac
  • Easily switch between different views (People, Places, Sources, Media, Tasks, Addresses, Search, Publish, etc)
  • Open multiple trees at the same time, drag-and-drop between trees
  • Map view of all places in your database and see at a glance where events occured
  • View and edit every piece of information about a person from a single edit screen
  • Add unlimited people, facts/events, notes, sources, and more
  • Integrated backup and restore help safeguard your data

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Easy file management
  • Family members are automatically linked as you add them
  • Automatically checks for duplicates as you add people
  • Click in an empty parent or child slot on screen to add parents or children
  • Just double click on a person's name to edit that person
  • All information for a person is shown on a single streamlined 'Edit person' window
  • Sidebar on main screen makes navigation easy
  • Resize edit and search dialogs to see as much information as you want
  • Named Groups of People lets you create groups you can use in reports or other areas

Charts and Reports

  • Over 100 Printouts – customize and print colourful reports and lists
  • Spectacular Large Format (Wall) Charts in any orientation (top to bottom, left to right, etc) – Fan Charts, Ancestor Wall Charts, Descendant Wall Charts and Hourglass Charts
  • Print reports to screen or printer
  • Publish large format charts to printer or file
  • Customize headers, footers, margins, and fonts for any printout
  • Save reports to PDF (Acrobat), word processor (.DOCX) or spreadsheet (.XLSX)
  • Print colour coding in pedigree charts, group sheets, charts, narrative reports, and more
  • Print charts up to 100 feet wide
  • Export charts to PDF or SVG files – ideal for printing
  • Address labels for mailings
  • Address List – A list of the addresses in your file
  • Ahnentafel – A list of ancestors
  • Birthday List – A list of birthdays and anniversaries for people in your file
  • Box chart reports (both ancestor and descendant)
  • Box charts – Select box style
  • Calendars with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Descendant List – An indented list of the descendants for a person
  • Direct Descendant List – A direct line of descendants down to a single person
  • Duplicate List – A list of potential duplicate individuals in the database
  • Fact List – A list of people with or without a particular fact
  • Family Group Sheets
  • Individual List – A list of the people in the database
  • Individual List – Include the facts, parents, spouses, and children of each person
  • Individual Summary – A summary of information for a person in your file
  • Kinship List – A list of everyone related to an individual
  • LDS List – A list of LDS ordinances in the database
  • Marriage List – A list of the couples in the database
  • Missing Information List – A list of people missing selected information
  • Multimedia List – A list of the media in the database
  • Narrative reports (modified register and ancestor)
  • Narrative reports (register (NEHGS), indented descendancy, Henry descendancy, and D'Aboville descendancy)
  • "On This Day" report shows family events on a selected date, as well as famous births and deaths, and historical events
  • Pedigree Charts (standard and cascading)
  • Photo Tree – Tree with 3 generations of pictures
  • Place List – A list of the places in the database
  • Place List – Print the events which happened in each place
  • Place List – Include latitude, longitude, and notes for each place
  • Relationship chart shows exactly how two people are related
  • Repository List – A list of the repositories in the database
  • Repository List – Include the sources, and tasks with each repository
  • Research Logs – Sortable research logs of the data you have researched
  • Research Notes – Prints the research notes and comments for every citation for a person or family.
  • Scrapbook of pictures for people, families, sources, and places
  • Source List – A list of the sources in the database (sorted and grouped)
  • Statistics List – Statistics for any group of people
  • Surname Statistics – Statistics on the surnames in the database
  • Task List – A customizable list of tasks in your file
  • Timeline List – A chronological timeline of events for a person or group of people
  • WebTags List – A list of WebTags in your file
  • Who Was There List – A list of people who could have been in a particular location at a particular time

Documenting Your Information

  • Add source documentation to any person, fact, or family
  • SourceWizard automatically writes proper sources for you
  • Hints in the Source fields guide you in entering your sources
  • Assign industry-standard quality terminology (for sources, information and evidence) to your master sources
  • Easy to use source list tracks all your documentation (certificates, census, books, etc)
  • Create your own source templates using the powerful built-in template language
  • Attach photographs, sound clips, and video clips to any person, family, place, source, or event
  • Include photos in your books, group sheets, and other printouts
  • View media as thumbnail grid or list
  • Attach documents (Word, PDF, etc) to any person, family, place, source, or event
  • Relative links to media to faciliate moving between computers
  • Add notes and stories/notes to any fact, person, couple (family), or shared role, place, place details
  • Open up to 3 Edit Person screens at the same time
  • Edit person screens are modeless, meaning you can leave it open while doing other things in the program
  • 60 predefined fact types (birth, marriage, death, occupation, religion, etc)
  • Easily track multiple relationships, such as adoptions, foster parents, etc
  • See a person's age at every event on their edit page
  • Enter place history, latitude and longitude for each place
  • Create your own user defined fact types, and add any number of roles
  • Sharing events among multiple people lets you assign witnesses or other people involved in an event
  • Craft your own customized sentence for each fact or role from the live-edit pane in "Edit person" window
  • Add private events that you can suppress from printing or exporting

Map your Family Tree

  • List view of all places in your file
  • Reverse places in list to view together geographically (e.g. Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom => United Kingdom, Wiltshire, Salisbury)
  • Instantly view on screen all people with an event in a place
  • Directly edit a person from the list of people with an event in a place
  • Map view of all places in your file
  • Geocode (automatically add latitude/longitude) places
  • World gazetteer to find places
  • PlaceClean feature to automatically clean your place list

Organise Your Research

  • Add tasks to keep track of needed or completed research
  • Link tasks to people, family, events, sources, citations, places, and more
  • Track goals, results, dates, status, priority, and more
  • Track non-relative relationships (friends, neighbors, enslavement, classmates, etc)
  • Keep track of addresses for people in your file
  • Person search finds people by name, record number, events, dates, places, notes, and many other types of data
  • Find Everywhere lets you find text in any record in your file: people, families, notes, sources, media, places, to-do items, research logs, and more.
  • DataClean helps you clean up problems in names and places in your database
  • Easily view or edit people in search results without losing your place in the search or having to re-do the search


  • Date calculator
  • Pop up calendar when entering dates
  • Soundex calculator (including alternate methods)
  • Bookmark any individuals in your database
  • History list lets you backtrack through last 200 people visited
  • Back button moves back to previously visited people
  • Potential problem list
  • DataClean helps you clean up problems in names and places in your database
  • Problem list is interactive (edit problem person or family directly from problem list)
  • Mark possible problems as "not a problem"
  • Place name standardization and geocoding
  • Mapping people and places
  • Create groups of people that you can name, select and manipulate
  • Colour coding to highlight groups of people's names in colour so they are easy to spot
  • Counts the number of separate trees in your database
  • Relationship calculator shows you the relationship between any two people
  • File Compare lets you compare two RootsMagic files side by side and copy people, events, names, notes, sources, and media between them
  • Powerful merge capabilities
  • SmartMerge automatically handles the "obvious" duplicates
  • Database tools let you test the file integrity, rebuild indexes, and compress database to remove deleted records
  • Fact tools let you change and remove fact types for everyone in your database

Online Features

  • Share your data with FamilySearch
  • FamilySearch Family Tree import
  • Upload or download an Ancestry tree
  • Ancestry Tree Import
  • Publish your family online at
  • Create beautiful HTML websites
  • WebSearch lets you search popular websites for people in your file
  • WebTags let you add links to websites attached to people, sources, places, etc.


  • Runs under Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Runs under macOS High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12), Ventura (13)
  • Support for international character sets through Unicode integration
  • Direct Family Origins import (versions 4 and later) (*Windows)
  • Direct Family Tree Maker import (version 16 (2014) and earlier) (*Windows)
  • Direct Legacy import (versions 3 and later) (*Windows)
  • Direct PAF import (versions 2.x and later) (*Windows)
  • Direct Master Genealogist (TMG) import (versions 1 - 10) (*Windows)
  • Full GEDCOM 5.5 support so you can exchange data with other programs
  • Full LDS support. LDS support can be turned on or off

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