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RootsMagic New Features

Below are the features of RootsMagic™, starting with the new features in version 7, followed by a full list of existing features.

What's new in RootsMagic 7?


  • Clean up names and places in your database with this powerful tool.

File Compare

  • Compare your RM7 databases to see any differences and to copy data between them to get them back in sync.

Backup Media

  • You can now backup and restore media items with your database.

Named Groups

  • Easy access lets you quickly edit which groups an individual belongs to.

Drag and Drop Media

  • Drag and drop media items into your Media Albums.

Import Lists

  • Pre-populate a new database with lists from another database, such as sources and source templates, fact types, etc.


  • New enhancements including password access.
  • New accounts with MyRootsMagic to simplify creating websites

Improved Problem Alerts

RootsMagic Features

  • UK Version (only available through S&N Genealogy Supplies)
  • CountyCheck
    • CountyCheck Explorer - lets you look up counties and states (US, Canada, UK, Australia) to view information about them.
    • Access the FamilySearch Wiki page for counties and states
    • Access an interactive state map showing historical county boundaries
    • Automatically checks every county you enter (US, Canada, UK, Australia) to verify that it actually existed at the time of the event
    • Report gives you a list of all events in counties which didn't exist at the time
    • Lets you access maps and county histories for the US, Canada, UK, and Australia
  • UK Live Spell Checker and Thesaurus
  • UK Content
  • RootsMagic-To-Go - Carry your research with you on a USB memory stick
  • Support for BMD quarter and Quaker dates
  • View 5 or 6 generations at once on the pedigree view
  • View 2 through 7 generations at once on the descendant view
  • Easily track multiple relationships, such as adoptions, foster parents, etc
  • Integrated backup and restore help safeguard your data
  • Back up directly to CD

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Enhanced Timeline View
    • Shows a full timeline of the current person's events and those of their parents, siblings, spouses, and children
    • Shows a graphical timeline of the person's events
    • Edit events, names, directly from the timeline view (without having to open the edit screen)
  • Find Everywhere
    • Find every record containing text you enter
    • Find people, families, events, notes, sources, places, to-do items, research logs, media items, and more
    • Edit any found record directly from the results screen
  • Enhanced searching and selecting
    • Search for people by the number of spouses, children, parents, or siblings that they have
    • Select people based on genetic lines (Y-STR and Mitochondrial)
  • Enhanced People View can be filtered to show any group of people
  • Enhanced Edit Screen
    • Hover tips for notes and sources for every fact
    • Easily view all to-do items for a person and their families
    • Easily view all media items for a person, their events, and families
  • Family members are automatically linked as you add them
  • Automatically checks for duplicates as you add people
  • Just double click on a person's name to edit that person
  • RootsMagic Explorer lets you find and edit anyone in your family tree
  • Resize edit and search dialogs to see as much information as you want
  • Customize the tool bar to include the functions you use most
  • Select toolbar button style
  • Easy to use Explorer-like help system
  • Video tutorial included on Standard and Platinum Editions
  • Easy to use Explorer-like help system

Organise Your Information

  • Research Manager
    • Create unlimited research logs to document your work and aid your research
    • Quickly search for any text in any research log
  • Sharing events among multiple people
  • Open multiple databases on screen at the same time
  • Drag and drop people between databases
  • Automatically link dragged people into the other database
  • Open multiple copies (and views) of the same database
  • Add unlimited people, facts/events, notes, sources, and more
  • 60 predefined fact types (birth, marriage, death, occupation, religion, etc)
  • Create your own user defined fact types
  • See a person's age at every event on their edit page
  • Add private events that you can suppress from printing or exporting
  • Add private notes that you can suppress from printing or exporting
  • Display relationships to root person on status bar
  • Publish Your Family History
  • Make shareable CDs to give to others, with custom menu and a read-only version of RootsMagic
  • RootsMagic Publisher lets you create complete books with narrative, notes, charts, photos, source bibliography, index, and more
  • Include cover and title pages, copyright, dedication, acknowledgement, preface pages
  • Include table of contents
  • Include free-form text pages
  • Customize your index format and number of columns
  • Print to printer, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), or export to your word processor (RTF)
  • Customize headers, footers, margins, fonts for any printout

Spectacular Wall Charts

  • Ancestor Wall Charts in any orientation (left to right, bottom to top, etc)
  • Descendant Wall Charts in any orientation (top to bottom, left to right, etc)
  • Hourglass Charts (combined ancestors and descendants) in any orientation (top to bottom, left to right, etc)
  • Timeline Charts
  • Drag and drop to resize and move individual boxes
  • Add a background image or colour
  • Print charts up to 57 feet wide (Note: Windows prior to XP/NT max. size 26 feet)
  • Print charts on regular size paper and tape together, or print on large format printer
  • Export charts to JPG, EMF, and other graphic formats
  • Add free-form text, photos, and shapes to your charts


  • "On This Day" report includes all family events on a date, as well as famous births and deaths and historical events for the day
  • Enhanced Descendant List Report
    • Direct descendant list shows the direct line from an ancestor to a descendant
    • Henry, D'Aboville, and outline numbering
    • Wordwrap option conserves space
  • Enhanced Place List report can print all events which occurred within a certain distance of any place
  • Direct e-mailing of reports
  • Pedigree Charts (standard and cascading)
  • Family Group Sheets
  • Narrative reports (modified register, register (NEHGS), indented descendancy, Henry descendancy, D'Aboville descendancy, and ancestor)
  • Select the size of pictures in narrative reports (books)
  • Include pictures in narrative reports printed to rich text (RTF) files
  • Ancestor and descendant box charts
  • Print colour coding in pedigree charts, group sheets, box charts, narrative reports, wall charts, ahnentafel, descendant list, and timelines
  • Individual summary prints everything you know about a person
  • Calendars with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Custom report designer
  • Relationship chart shows exactly how two people are related
  • Scrapbook of pictures for people, families, sources, and places
  • Blank pedigree charts, family group sheets, research logs, correspondence logs, and cemetery records forms
  • Address labels for mailings
  • Dozens of lists


  • Enhanced Multimedia
  • Allows easy tagging of images with the people, families, events, places, or sources
  • Enter comments on any media tag
  • Attach photographs, sound clips, video clips and documents to any person, family, place, source, or event
  • Scan photos directly into RootsMagic
  • Photo editor lets you adjust sharpness, brightness, contrast, and crop, rotate, and zoom images
  • Include photos in your books, group sheets, and other printouts
  • Copy photos from your scrapbook directly to the clipboard

Documenting Your Family History

  • Customisable sentence templates
  • Customisable source templates
  • Improved SourceWizard
  • BCG-standard source qualities
  • DNA test recording
  • SourceWizard automatically writes proper sources for you
  • Add notes and stories to any fact or person
  • Easy to use source list tracks all your documentation (certificates, census, books, etc)
  • Easily merge duplicate sources from the master source list
  • Add a source to multiple people at once
  • Easily make a copy of a source
  • Enter each source only once, then reuse it elsewhere
  • Add a global source to each person when importing a GEDCOM file
  • Track repositories where the sources are found
  • Print your documentation (notes and sources) in your reports, summaries, and forms

Internet Features

  • Publish Online
    • Publish your family information to
    • Dynamic sites with pedigree, family and individual views for each person
    • Can include notes, sources, and media for each person
  • WebTags
    • Attach links to websites to any person, source, citation, place, or research log item
    • Instantly jump to a web page tagged to a record
    • Print a list of WebTags you have added to your database
  • Enhanced Integrated WebSearch
    • Create a WebTag directly from your search results
    • Optionally use an external browser for search results
  • CSS-styled web sites
  • Automatically create a web site including photos, notes, sources, index, surname list, GEDCOM file, email, etc
  • Six types of web sites: pedigree charts, group sheets, combo pedigree chart / group sheet, descendant narrative, ancestor narrative, alphabetical narrative
  • Add your own links to your home page
  • “Privatise” living persons in your web site
  • Automatically check for updates to your software
  • Family Reunion Planner


  • Enhanced Source Entry
    • New tabbed source edit screen streamlines source entry
  • Enhanced To-Do list
    • See type, status, priority and description in a single list
    • Sort by type, status, priority, or task description
    • Filter by type, status, or priority
  • Enhanced Place List
    • View place detail information directly from the place list
    • Edit place detail notes, media, etc. directly from the place list
    • Displays the primary image for the highlighted place
    • Displays the place details for the highlighted place
  • RootsMagic To-Go - Run RootsMagic direct from a USB memory stick
  • Mapping people and places
  • Mapping will include markers for events of family members of the selected person
  • Live spell checking
  • Colour-coded record comparisons
  • Place name standardization and geocoding
  • UK Spell Checker checks the current notes, or all notes
  • Bookmark any individuals in your database
  • History list lets you backtrack through last 200 people visited
  • Back button moves back to previously visited people
  • Global search and replace for notes, sources, names, places, etc.
  • Colour code groups of individuals in your database
  • Counts the number of separate trees in your database
  • Date calculator
  • Pop up calendar when entering dates
  • Relationship calculator shows you the relationship between any two people
  • Soundex calculator (including alternate methods)
  • Powerful merge capabilities, including SmartMerge and ShareMerge
  • Prioritised merge list
  • Mark possible duplicates as "not a match"
  • Interactive problem list (edit problem person or family directly from problem list)
  • Mark possible problems as "not a problem"
  • Search by name, record number, dates, places, notes, and many other types of data
  • Place list lets you enter place history, latitude and longitude for each place


  • Import files from RootsMagic versions 1-5
  • Direct Family Tree Maker import
  • Direct PAF import (versions 2.x and later)
  • Direct Family Origins import (versions 4 and later)
  • Direct Family Origins backup import (versions 5 and later)
  • Direct Legacy Import
  • Full GEDCOM 5.5 support so you can exchange data with other programs
  • GEDCOM import option to combine into current database or create a new database
  • Full LDS support, including full TempleReady support, automatic ordinance updating, selection of qualified ordinances, and the ability to view and edit all ordinance information from a single screen. LDS support can be turned on or off