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RootsMagic Reviews

Feel free to take a look at some of our reviews from many of the top critics in the field as well as some from our valued customers.

"Easy to use right out of the box, but with an extensive list of features"

- Best Genealogy Software (Windows)

"It's easy to carry all of your research with you, including photos, notes, sources, and to-do lists"

- Best Online Genealogy Tool or Mobile App
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"Throughout 2012 RootsMagic remained unchallenged and [in 2013] continued to lead by example"

"The RootsMagic app gives vendors of other genealogy viewers a run for their money"

- Best Genealogy Product of 2012, 2013 and 2014
"Best New Feature: RootsMagic Problem Alerts" - GeneAwards 2013
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"RootsMagic has a nice feel to it. The screen displays are crisp and uncluttered, navigation is easy, most features are intuitive...and there are enough charts, lists, reports and other facilities to satisfy any serious genealogist."

"Overall, a value-for-money, truly top-notch piece of kit still holding its head up high in a competitive market"

- Top Choice