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2013 Genealogy Readers' Choice Awards"Easy to use right out of the box, but with an extensive list of features"
- Best Genealogy Software (Windows)

"It's easy to carry all of your research with you, including photos, notes, sources, and to-do lists"
- Best Online Genealogy Tool or Mobile App

2013 Genealogy Readers' Choice Awards

2013 Genealogy Readers' Choice Awards

Top Rated Genealogy Software - GenSoftReviews

Computeractive Buy It! logo"Roots Magic won't leave you disappointed - it's still the top of the genealogy tree"

"RootsMagic combines easy data entry with a very wide selection of reports and projects. It crams large amounts of information on the screen without ever losing its clarity. RootsMagic offers the most comprehensive printing options in the group test"

- Computer Active Magazine

"A solid blend of powerful features wrapped up in a user-friendly interface"

"One of the best tools on the market for setting up and managing your sources"

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine

"Over the past 10 years, RootsMagic has proved to be a leading light in the genealogy software market and this latest version continues the trend"

"Overall, a value-for-money, truly top-notch piece of kit still holding its head up high in a competitive market"

"Intuitive and simple to use, I can see why it is so popular"

"I found it incredibly easy to install and was swiftly inputting my family tree details"

"Newbies include media tags, timelines, county checker and research manager, all very useful"

"Top Choice" Family Tree Magazine

GeneAwards 2012GeneAwards 2013GeneAwards 2013GeneAwards 2014

"Throughout 2012 RootsMagic remained unchallenged and [in 2013] continued to lead by example"

"The RootsMagic app gives vendors of other genealogy viewers a run for their money"

"Best Genealogy Product of 2012, 2013 and 2014" - GeneAwards 2012, GeneAwards 2013 and GeneAwards 2014

"Best New Feature: RootsMagic Problem Alerts" - GeneAwards 2013

PC Format Mag High Score"There's no better genealogy package for the money."

81% - PC Format

"One of the best family history programs around has certainly got alot better"

"The new version is packed with new continues to build on strong foundations"

"Our favourite tool here is RootsMagic - all the key facts are laid out in a series of easy to understand tabs. With a user-friendly interface, it boasts a wonderfully friendly approach, and throws in enough powerful features to make it a real contender - it's not hard to see why it's critically acclaimed by many."

Your Family Tree Magazine

"RootsMagic is bristling with new features, major and minor, matching or exceeding its mainstream competition. Its versatile reporting and publishing are better than many. RootsMagic To-Go is a milestone in portability"

"Recommended" - IT Reviews

"RootsMagic has a nice feel to it. The screen displays are crisp and uncluttered, navigation is easy, most features are intuitive...and there are enough charts, lists, reports and other facilities to satisfy any serious genealogist."

Family Tree Magazine

"RootsMagic has one of the most user-friendly interfaces."

32/40 (Top Score) in a Family History Software Group Test
The Guardian

Previous versions of RootsMagic have received similar praise:

"If you've been meaning to do a family tree for years, then RootsMagic could be just what you need."

81% - PC Answers, Issue 143

"RootsMagic's ease of use, well-designed reports and numerous capabilities make it an excellent choice for any genealogist."

"The wealth of information makes it a highly useful resource"

- Reccommended

Personal Computer World, Jul 05

"For the money, RootsMagic is, by far, the most comprehensive, yet easy to use genealogy software available anywhere."

Genealogy Bulletin

"An extremely good family tree program"

Windows XP Official Magazine, Issue 43

"Roots Magic combines an easy-to-use database with a good selection of resources and output options."

8/10 - PC Advisor, Issue 117

"Altogether I found the program really easy to use with an impressive range of facilities, suitable for all users."

Alex Tritton, Family Tree Magazine

"RootsMagic is arguably the best genealogy program we've seen. Had we tested this program a month earlier, it would likely have won last month's head-to-head review."

Smart Computing Magazine

"For many users this is the ideal program for recording your family history."

Your Family History

"For quick, easy yet flexible family tree creation, RootsMagic proves hard to beat."

PC Home, Issue 159

This is an impressive upgrade to a program which was already a pleasure to use.

Software of the Month - Family History Monthly

"Editor's Choice. The new program is called RootsMagic and I've immediately fallen in love with it."

Heritage Quest Magazine

"RootsMagic is a useful organisation and research tool for anyone who's serious about geneaogy."

Computer Shopper, Issue 206

"What makes RootsMagic different are the discs it comes with...the other CDs are very useful."

PC Plus, Issue 227

"All in all, RootsMagic is a winner"

Dick Eastman

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