RootsMagic Updates

If you're having problems with RootsMagic, we recommend installing the latest update for the version you are running.

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Update RootsMagic 8

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Update Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure RootsMagic is not running
  2. You will be asked if you want to "Open" (or "Run") or "Save" the file. Choose "Run" or "Open".
  3. After the file has downloaded it will run. Follow the prompts.
  4. You can then start RootsMagic, and then click "Help > About" and make sure the version number matches the latest version number. 12 Oct 2021

New: Added Alt+XXXX support for entering diacritics in Windows
New: Added character map (Ctrl+T or right click menu) for edit fields and notes
New: Wiki article on entering diacritics ( Entering International Characters)
New: Added colour grid to Colour Coding for selecting colour
Fixed: Program now asks for confirmation before overwriting a GEDCOM file
Fixed: Source fields don't strip off leading 0's anymore
Fixed: Entering a diacritic on Mac doesn't insert an extra character anymore
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues 4 Oct 2021

New: Selecting File > Open to try and open a RootsMagic 7 file now directs the user to Import
Fixed: Beta testers with expired keys can now open in Essentials mode to Reset the registration key (Ctrl+Shift+U) to enter their real key
Fixed: Some Ancestry and FamilySearch login issues
Fixed: Cosmetic issues 1 Oct 2021

Official version release of RootsMagic 8

Patches for previous versions

Download the update file for your version of RootsMagic and then follow the installation instructions listed above.