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If you're having problems with RootsMagic, we recommend installing the latest update for the version you are running.

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Update Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure RootsMagic is not running
  2. You will be asked if you want to "Open" (or "Run") or "Save" the file. Choose "Run" or "Open".
  3. After the file has downloaded it will run. Follow the prompts.
  4. You can then start RootsMagic, and then click "Help > About" and make sure the version number matches the latest version number.

8.2.0 5 Jul 2022

New: CountyCheck (when editing facts... option in Settings)
New: CountyCheck Explorer (Place page menu)
New: RootsMagic To-Go (Files page)
New: Shareable Drive (Publish page)
New: Added AutoSearch for WebSearch
New: Added new LDS temples
Fixed: Task folders couldn't be selected to Edit or Delete
Fixed: Adding or editing a source / citation starts with cursor in edit field
Fixed: Enabled text copy from FS update screen
Fixed: Using Task Folder search box could cause crash
Fixed: Splitter on some screens weren't working right
Fixed: Merging duplicates didn't update sidebar index list
Fixed: Numerous Ancestry issues
Fixed: Numerous FamilySearch issues
Fixed: Add Child, Spouse, or Parent screen didn't display children in the display panel
Fixed: Sort date wasn't updating in some rare editing situations
Fixed: Issues with lists not retaining current selection after editing, etc
Fixed: Search box now works on "Unused places" list
Fixed: Unused places didn't sort properly in "reverse places" mode
Fixed: Search > Person search would crash if cleared and searched a second time
Fixed: Styles and fonts are saved after running a report
Fixed: Family facts were printing twice on Who Was There report
Fixed: Sped up Who was There report
Fixed: FGS was showing fact descriptions and alternate names in the Place Index
Fixed: Marriage note was printing twice on individual summary report
Fixed: FGS was not showing description field for some family facts
Fixed: Task List report now can include people, families, addresses, and repositories
Fixed: Information box in sidebar was displaying age for facts after death
Fixed: Various crashing bugs
Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.8 28 Mar 2022

New: Added Autosearch option to WebSearch
New: Can now restore an RM7 Backup into a new RM8 file
Fixed: Downloading large FamilySearch trees could give an "out of memory" error
Fixed: Some sources didn't upload properly to Ancestry
Fixed: Full images were not uploading to MyRootsMagic sites
Fixed: Primary photos now upload to Ancestry and set profile pic
Fixed: GEDCOM and Drag and Drop preserve Task repositories, sources, and media
Fixed: Accessing an Ancestry tree via TreeShare that is deleted or you don't have rights to handled more gracefully
Fixed: Search queries using sources could cause the next Ancestry TreeShare to fail
Fixed: Drag and drop would change primary name media links to general media links
Fixed: Contributor is now displayed on FamilySearch facts when clicking info icon
Fixed: Dates uploaded to Ancestry will use whatever date format you have selected in RM
Fixed: Additional Ancestry bugs
Fixed: Additional FamilySearch bugs
Fixed: Numerous small bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.7 22 Feb 2022

New: Ages are now displayed for events in the People view side panel
New: Task List report can optionally print all people using each task
Fixed: Custom events work properly with FamilySearch now
Fixed: Issues with sources not uploading to Ancestry when re-uploading a previously disconnected tree. Disconnect the tree (even if it already is) and then upload it.
Fixed: Can select all ordinances on FamilySearch screen by clicking column header
Fixed: Mac crashes with some features run from Command Palette on second monitor
Fixed: Mac crashes with "Customize Add Person" on second monitor
Fixed: Find everywhere searches Citation name now
Fixed: Find everywhere searches addresses and repositories now
Fixed: When selecting multiple people (like when sharing facts) you can now enter a record number in the search field
Fixed: Numerous small bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.6 11 Feb 2022

New: Can now share facts with multiple people at once
New: No longer need to save fact before selecting Place Details
New: List of citations for a fact now display both source name and citation name
New: Add Parents will now prompt to add a marriage event after adding father and mother
New: Added double click selecting to a bunch of lists (Add person, Add source, etc)
New: Box charts now can print a Place Index
New: Custom reports can now save to Excel and CSV
Fixed: Numerous crashing bugs on Mac
Fixed: Numerous freezing bugs on Mac
Fixed: Source hyperlinks on FamilySearch Share Data info panels now work
Fixed: Adding media tag wasn't letting you to set primary checkbox
Fixed: Narrative report pictures for children weren't aligning properly
Fixed: Sort dates were incorrect when importing from RootsMagic 1-3
Fixed: Adding existing source and existing citation displayed wrong footnote
Fixed: Occasional crashes when closing FamilySearch Central
Fixed: Crash when adding a note from RootsMagic to FamilySearch
Fixed: Now removes a person from the FamilySearch "Changed" list after viewing the person
Fixed: Numerous small bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.5 4 Jan 2022

Fixed: Setting primary media wasn't sticking

8.1.4 1 Jan 2022

Fixed: FamilySearch WebSearch (broke when FS changed the search parameters)
Fixed: Source problems when using the Back button when Adding a Source
Fixed: Added "Slate" back to the color coding color grid
Fixed: Downloading from Ancestry would duplicate source repository for each citation
Fixed: Date Edited is preserved on GEDCOM and Drag and Drop
Fixed: Clicking Shared icon in Edit Person list opens Shared panel now
Fixed: Clicking root position on Pedigree view when a couple w/ no children now adds the new person as a child
Fixed: Changing a media item now updates the thumbnail
Fixed: SQLite error on Task "Select Folder" search
Fixed: Numerous small bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.3 8 Dec 2021

Fixed: Saving or backing up to Dropbox on Mac now works
Fixed: Overlapping images on narrative reports
Fixed: Family Group Sheet now includes the description field for facts
Fixed: Edit button on media viewer now uses the "open" association making it easier to select your desired media viewing program
Fixed: Note editor Ctrl+V is now paste and Ctrl+Shift+V is now paste as plain text
Fixed: Family Origins import
Fixed: Pressing Enter when transcribing on the Edit Media form would close the screen
Fixed: Adding a child to a single male now includes the father's surname
Fixed: Life span (1800-1895) now uses Chr/Bur if Birth/Death aren't available (on pedigree, family, and descendant views)
Fixed: A backup with media created on Windows didn't restore media properly on Mac
Fixed: A backup with media created on Mac didn't restore media properly on Windows
Fixed: Deleting citations could accidentally delete the source
Fixed: Adding a person to RM from FamilySearch now includes any ordinances
Fixed: Sending a source from RM to FamilySearch would swap Christen and Death tags
Fixed: Copying a relative from RM to FamilySearch now properly links the person in FamilySearch
Fixed: Copying an event from RM to FamilySearch now updates FamilySearch side
Fixed: Copying a relative from RM to FamilySearch now updates FamilySearch side
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.2 22 Nov 2021

New: Image viewer now includes media fields (caption, description, etc) to allow transcription, tagging, etc. while zoomed
New: Marriage year is displayed for spouses and parents in Info bar
New: Selecting a spouse or parents in Info bar now makes it the current spouse or parents for the person
Fixed: Issues when switching from Couple view to Pedigree view
Fixed: Report titles using [Person] or [Couple] had last letter cut off
Fixed: Source templates using [Person] had last letter cut off
Fixed: Footnote section on Edit Citation panel is adjustable in height
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.1 12 Nov 2021

New: Added support for "modern" (Edge) browser in WebSearch. NOTE: If you still get the old IE browser after updating, you may need to download and install the update directly to get the necessary files installed.
New: Added "View" and "Edit" buttons for edit media panel. "View" displays images in viewer. "Edit" opens the media item in the media editing program associated with the media type.
New: View media is now a modeless window to allow transcribing data from image
New: Added Edit Date to Edit person form
Fixed: Program wouldn't open properly on some systems
Fixed: Media drag and drop didn't work properly on some systems
Fixed: Mapping markers wouldn't work properly on some systems
Fixed: Numerous Windows display issues when scaling is greater than 100%
Fixed: Issue with "out of memory" when downloading large Ancestry trees
Fixed: Can now "Unmatch" from a person that has been deleted on FamilySearch
Fixed: Changes through Ancestry or FamilySearch didn't update Edit Date for person
Fixed: Numerous small FamilySearch issues
Fixed: Numerous small Ancestry issues
Fixed: Some Mac printing issues
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.1.0 2 Nov 2021

New: Added Custom Reports
Fixed: Ctrl+V now pastes w/o the formatting. Ctrl+Shift+V is now "Paste formatted"
Fixed: Paste formatted no longer crashes w/ "Unexpected error"
Fixed: Opening Edit Person from Places > Events wasn't showing person's name in sentence
Fixed: When deleting place details, it was possible to accidentally delete the place instead
Fixed: Deleting a fact now updates the Edit Date
Fixed: Add citation was opening with master source expanded which could lead to a user changing the master source unwittingly
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.4 12 Oct 2021

New: Added Alt+XXXX support for entering diacritics in Windows
New: Added character map (Ctrl+T or right click menu) for edit fields and notes
New: Wiki article on entering diacritics ( Entering International Characters)
New: Added colour grid to Colour Coding for selecting colour
Fixed: Program now asks for confirmation before overwriting a GEDCOM file
Fixed: Source fields don't strip off leading 0's anymore
Fixed: Entering a diacritic on Mac doesn't insert an extra character anymore
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.1 4 Oct 2021

New: Selecting File > Open to try and open a RootsMagic 7 file now directs the user to Import
Fixed: Beta testers with expired keys can now open in Essentials mode to Reset the registration key (Ctrl+Shift+U) to enter their real key
Fixed: Some Ancestry and FamilySearch login issues
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

8.0.0 2 Oct 2021

Official version release of RootsMagic 8

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