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If you're having problems with RootsMagic, we recommend installing the latest update for the version you are running.

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Update Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure RootsMagic is not running
  2. You will be asked if you want to "Open" (or "Run") or "Save" the file. Choose "Run" or "Open".
  3. After the file has downloaded it will run. Follow the prompts.
  4. You can then start RootsMagic, and then click "Help > About" and make sure the version number matches the latest version number.

9.1.2 23 Nov 2023

Fixed: Some Mac users couldn’t log in (or stay connected) to FamilySearch
Fixed: Mac users weren’t able to “Unmatch” on the FamilySearch person tools

9.1.1 18 Nov 2023

Fixed: Optimized Person Search and Advanced Person Search (especially for large files)
Fixed: FamilySearch WebHints now use same OAuth login as Family Tree
Fixed: Attempt to handle FamilySearch disconnects more gracefully
Fixed: General improvement of FamilySearch and Ancestry login

9.1.0 10 Nov 2023

New: Streamlined Ancestry and FamilySearch login using OAuth technology OAuth login provides enhanced security by routing sign-in directly to the site itself and supports additional sign-in methods including two-factor authentication.)
Fixed: Optimized speed when working with or switching between groups
Fixed: Adding a death fact to RM from Ancestry wasn’t updating Living flag
Fixed: Multimedia List report wasn’t displaying linked citation names properly
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic changes

9.0.8 20 Oct 2023

Fixed: Issue with Mac version not displaying properly on some resolutions under Sonoma
Fixed: Crashes when importing some FTM files
Fixed: Problems when trying to print multiple Family Group Sheets or Individual Summaries at once
Fixed: Scrolling Person Search results (both basic and advanced) now leaves the person’s name column fixed on screen
New: Added the name of the saved search in the criteria panel for advanced person search
Fixed: “Used” column for place details list now takes associations into account
New: Updated LDS temple list
Fixed: Cosmetic issues
Fixed: Minor bug fixes

9.0.7 22 Aug 2023

Fixed: Mac crashes when using a second monitor
New: Added Refresh button to refresh current group on Person List view
New: Added 4 LDS temples
Fixed: “Invalid typecast error” when working with media on Macs
Fixed: GEDCOM link on HTML websites wasn’t working
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

9.0.6 3 Jul 2023

Fixed: Creating a new book in Publisher was broken on Mac (Note: this is a Mac only update. Windows users do not need and will not see this update.)

9.0.5 12 Jun 2023

Fixed: Creating HTML website failed with "resource not found" error
Fixed: Merge did not preserve associations
Fixed: Freezing on a few Mac forms when certain functions were used
Added: Helena Montana LDS temple
Fixed: Minor fixes
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

9.0.4 1 Jun 2023

New: Properties on Home Page now has direct link to Enhanced Properties list
New: Added "Jump to Ancestry" and "Jump to FamilySearch" to right mouse click
Fixed: Help in menu now points to the new online help (
Fixed: 9.0.3 wouldn't open on Mac under High Sierra or older
Fixed: Paste plain text was only pasting the first character of the clipboard
Fixed: Cosmetic issues
Fixed: Minor bug fixes

9.0.3 27 Apr 2023

Fixed: WebSearch for Ancestry
Fixed: Opening (and closing) a modal form on Mac would often leave the program unresponsive until you clicked on a control first
New: Right click on Association View offers option to Delete Association
Fixed: Places used only by Associations were showing on the "Unused Places" list
Fixed: Mac note editor now uses Cmd+Key for edit commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.)
Fixed: Custom reports were lost when importing from RM7 to RM9
Fixed: Leading spaces could disappear when saving notes
Fixed: HTML website descendant books were displaying family sentences twice
Fixed: Customize sentence on relative events in Edit Person was showing the wrong person
Fixed: BIC wasn't showing right on FamilySearch ordinances screen or Edit Person
Fixed: Crash in FamilySearch compare relations screen when choosing to match with FamilySearch
Fixed: Media attached to primary name wasn't showing in Edit Person media album
Fixed: Show alternate names wasn't working on select person screen (Relate calc, set relationships, etc.)
Fixed: Several FamilySearch issues
Fixed: Several Ancestry issues
Fixed: Numerous report issues
Fixed: Minor bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

9.0.2 14 Mar 2023

Fixed: Note editing freezing and crashing on some systems
Fixed: Minor bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

9.0.1 8 Mar 2023

New: Add option to hide Associations on Edit Person screen
New: Spell check form now lets you pick dictionary
New: Separated missing surname/given problem types between primary and alternate names
New: Added "Check all" and "Uncheck all" to Problem Options form
Fixed: Edit hotkeys work again in edit fields (Ctrl+X, C, V, A)
Fixed: Saving notes was losing blank rows the first time they were saved
Fixed: Deleting all text in a note wasn't clearing icon on Edit Person fact list
Fixed: Switching to another person on Edit Person wasn't switching their Media Album
Fixed: Imports from RM4-7 weren't adding "Associations" to the fact type list
Fixed: Minor bugs
Fixed: Cosmetic issues

9.0.0 27 Feb 2023

Official version release of RootsMagic 8

Patches for previous versions

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